A better way: Exepron’s project management system saves the day

Global software offering 2015 U.S. training seminar

Only 38 percent of projects finish on time and within budget, according to research by Project Management Institute (PMI).

“Organizations continue wasting $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs,” according to Mark A. Langley, president and CEO of PMI.

Within the last year, only half of projects finished on time and 55 percent finished within initial budgets, according to 2,800 project management leaders surveyed.

There has to be a better way.

Project management and collaboration shouldn’t be so difficult to accomplish. One proven answer is Exepron’s project management software. Exepron’s one-click navigation is simple, efficient and is a reality. From July 27-30Exepron is hosting a workshop in Lafayette, Louisiana’s LITE Center. Participants will learn to work within the software, mitigate risk in planning and execution and how to build feasible and executable project schedules.

“Who could use this software? Stakeholders not satisfied with their current level of project management performance and managers frustrated with a lack of timely, forward-looking, real-time information are ideal candidates to attend the conference,” said John Thompson, Exepron’s co-founder and chief operating officer.

The two-day workshop option is transformational for experienced change agents with the ability to facilitate change management in small group situations, particularly at the executive level.

“Exepron provides the capability to integrate project management into the larger business arena, providing actionable informational dashboards and charts to all levels in the organization to make better decisions,” said Daniel P. Walsh, Exepron’s CEO.

Highlights of conference include introducing future capabilities:

BIDSS (Business Intelligence Decision Support System) turns complex data into actionable information. Users will be able to convert this information into business intelligence, allowing the company to view the past performance at the project level and the portfolio level in monthly, quarterly or annual views. The software has forward-looking predictability capabilities — not based on past performance but using proprietary prediction algorithms.

Agile project management allows users to connect subordinate critical change schedules into master critical change schedules.

EVM (Earned Value Management) allows a company to reconcile critical change schedule with EVM schedule — made possible by recognizing the two different methodologies, providing both to coexist and be planned, scheduled and executed inside of Exepron. Therefore, the critical chain metrics and the EVM metrics, such as SPI and CPI, complement each other.

Risk Management gives companies the option of developing a low-risk critical chain schedule, a medium-risk critical chain schedule or a high-risk critical chain schedule, useful during project portfolio management phase — in order to decide whether the company should attempt to capture a particular opportunity and determine what type of schedule risk is required.

The workshop cost starts at $760.

Exepron is a revolutionary and evolutionary SaaS (software as a service) solution. By using concurrent implementation, it is transformational, disruptive and applicable to every level of user in an enterprise or in an individual company.

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