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Exepron PPM including Planning Scheduling and Execution

Exepron PPM including Planning Scheduling and Execution



A suite of Product Solutions for Program Managers, PPM and the PMO

In addition to Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Managing a Portfolio of hundreds of synchronized Projects in a Portfolio, Exepron’s Advanced Critical Chain Solution includes optional Advanced Features. Exepron’s optional Advanced Features will further enhance the Management capability and the value of your Project Portfolio performance. Each optional Advanced Feature addresses the needs of Executives, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Professional Program Managers and the Project Management Office (PMO). Optional Advanced Features: Business Intelligence Support System (BIDSS), Automated Task Update Utility (ATU), Project Advanced Learning System (PALS), Enterprise Executive Dashboard (EED).

Automated  Task Update Utility (ATU)

Exepron’s unique ATU feature saves significant Administration time on Fixed Duration Tasks. Fixed duration tasks can occur within a project or across multiple projects sharing a common Resource Type. Learn how Exepron’s ATU manages a single project or multiple independent projects, each with a similar fixed duration Task sharing the same Resource Type. Examples include: Curing Tasks, Chemical Testing, Fermentation, Furnaces, Incubators, Testing Labs, or Autoclaves etc.

Project  Advanced Learning  System      (PALS)

Using interactive project simulations, Exepron’s PALS applies scientific methodology to reveal the reasons why projects are Late and Over Budget. Teams learn the negative impact of multi-tasking and switching priorities. Teams are introduced to the CCPM principles and compare the results of Critical Path and Critical Chain simulations. Without sufficient understanding of how to manage project uncertainty and variability, Project Managers are building project networks that have a very high project failure rate. In less than a day, Project Teams are equipped with new knowledge and an understanding of human behaviors to make the necessary changes to their current scheduling and Project Management practices for rapid implementation and change.

Business  Intelligence Decision  Support  System (BIDSS)

BIDSS provides predictive, forward-looking metrics for comparative purposes, analysis of Planned vs. Actual,  Historic trends and Future Resource requirements. BIDSS displays interactive Portfolio Performance trends and Conformance metrics for Financial Management, Project Break-Even, Cash flow estimates, Project ROI, Revenues and Costs, Risk Management and projected Resource Requirements critical for business decision-making. Exepron’s unique Business Intelligence Support System addresses the needs of Executives, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Professional Program Managers and the PMO for performance, compliance, risk and financial metrics thereby increasing the value and contribution of the Project Management Office (PMO).

Exepron’s Advanced Critical Chain Solution includes the following Standard Features:

Custom Number of Projects per Account Project Planning:  PERT or Table view Project Scheduling, Execution and Management Project Risk Quotient: Scheduling and Execution Risk Dynamic Drum – Portfolio Synchronization Real-time Resource Loading Charts and Reports Linked Projects and Project Workflow Planned and Actual: Resource Work Hours, Cost Tracking Planned Revenues & Actual Revenues by Project or Account Multiple Project Reports and Account Reports Global Collaboration, Unlimited User Access Learning Center with Video Tutorials

 Enterprise  Executive  Dashboard (EED)

A real-time Enterprise Executive Dashboard displaying a Multi- Portfolio view of all Multi-Project Account Portfolios. Exepron’s unique Enterprise Executive Dashboard addresses the needs of Executives, Program Managers and the Project Management Office (PMO) for an overview of all Company Portfolio Accounts. In addition, the EED is suitable for Investment Portfolios and companies with multiple global divisions with separate resource pools.

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