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Accelerate and improve your Organizations Project Management performance
by attending an interactive 2 day Project Management Workshop.

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Get started immediately with Exepron’s easy-to-use CCPM software! Our user friendly software has embedded just-in-time training, intuitive wizards, and a comprehensive learning center complete with video tutorials. 

Just-in-time videos are built right into the software so users can review them whenever necessary to reference a particular area of the system. Learn as you go and guide your team to efficiently plan, schedule and execute projects. 

Because Exepron’s software is so user friendly, you’ll have a short learning curve and can get your team up to speed faster and spend less on training costs. 

Try Exepron risk-free for 30 days by signing up for a free 30-day trial. Experience for yourself how easy Exepron’s advanced CCPM software with embedded intelligence is to use and help manage your teams toward successful projects.

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PALS Project Advanced Learning System

Exepron’s Project, Advanced Learning System (PALS)  rapidly transfers essential CCPM knowledge. 

For the last 50 years, Project Managers have set themselves up for failure as project performance statistics  clearly demonstrate.  There must be a better way to manage projects!

PALS, will take a Project Team through an essential knowledge transfer in less that a day and Teams willingly make the necessary changes to their current scheduling practices.

Exepron’s Project, Advanced Learning System (PALS), exposes five major shortcomings driving the four poor behaviors prevalent within all conventional Project Management methods. 

PALS exposes the core root cause underlying the difficulty of effective project management. 

You will learn to how to manage the inherent Uncertainty and Variability that impacts project management.

 PALS’ is the perfect transition tool for preparing your Team to fully deploy the powerful capability of the Exepron application.

Online Project Management Training

For beginners and seasoned experts , Exepron has the tools necessary to mentor and train individuals, managers and executives on using project management software. 

  • The project management training includes both basic and advanced concepts for planning, scheduling and managing projects.
  • Exepron will significantly improve the delivery and on-time performance of your projects, products, services and business applications.
  • Learn how to use Exepron and how to adapt the training to meet your specific business requirements and needs. 

IC3PM Certification Workshop


For the last 50 years, Project Managers have set themselves up for failure without realizing it, and the statistics prove it. Independent surveys covering thousands of projects show that much less than half finish on time, on budget and within scope. 

Course Objective: Session participants learn the Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) principles using Simulators to Plan, Schedule and Execute Projects with a 95% on-time deliver expectation.

Open or Dedicated Exepron Workshop

CCPM project management training is a must for any organization to implement a project successfully. 

Improve the project management performance of your organization with Exepron project management software.

  • The entire team will understand the value of the Exepron’s embedded early warning intelligence tools and real-time visibility by attending an interactive 2-day Exepron Project Management Workshop. 
  • Learn how to plan, schedule and execute projects using Exepron’s project management software program; the key for significantly accelerating implementations.
  • Understand that by combining software application training, network building and execution as a continuous process  reduces the learning curve and costs associated compared with traditional stove pipe training.

Coaching and Implementation Services

Exepron is committed to helping your project team be as successful and efficient as possible by improving the delivery and on-time performance of your projects, products, services. 

  • All of the CCPM training courses and implementation services are designed to facilitate the implementation of the Exepron software into your organization and provide stakeholders, consultants, implementers, managers and executives with an understanding of critical chain project management methodology.
  • Seamlessly integrate Exepron’s project management software and training into your own organization by utilizing the implementation and coaching services provided upon request.
  • If your organization requires additional training, coaching services and implementation services, contact us to learn more about our full range of services. 

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