Enterprise Portfolio Project Management

Unlock a Decisive Competitive Advantage.
Achieve over 94% on-time delivery performance and significantly shorter lead times. 
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The Worlds First: True Multi-Portfolio and Multi-Project AI-Driven Solution

Full-Feature Scheduling and Project Portfolio Service Provider

Combine proven CCPM governance and resource management with the Agile method for socialized convenience.
Consider Late Delivery, Costly overruns, and ineffective Resource utilization as history.
Elevate your future performance to full Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Maturity.
Exepron’s full-feature PPM platform and full-service offering have been proven to reduce lead times by more than 30% and achieve an impressive 94% on-time delivery, significantly increasing Gross Margin with minimal Cost increase.
Our experienced team can train your Project Management Office and equip your PM team to achieve these impressive results.

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Why Choose EXEPRON?


Early Warning

Exepron’s Advanced predictive real-time intelligence provides visibility and early detection of Task slippage and Resource Overloading.

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User Friendly

Exepron reduces the cost and removes the complexity of executing a Portfolio of Projects, making Advanced Project Portfolio Management accessible to all. 

Manage Complex Projects

Exepron’s scheduling intelligence calculates shorter project schedules with significantly improved results creating a competitive advantage.

How Exepron Works

Exepron is a Project Compiler: Checking Network Building Errors,
Creating a Portfolio of Feasible and Executable Projects

Exepron is Security Approved.

Techguard, our security partner, keeps Exepron current and updated.

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What People Say

New Product Development – Plasticaucho, Shoe producer located in Ambato, Ecuador. The largest in Latin America (after Brazil), 25 million pairs of shoes sold per year. Plasticaucho, exclusively uses Exepron for New Product Development. New shoe line development produced on-time.

Alejandro Fernandez Rivera,
Gerente Piénsalo Colombia Ltda

BAE Systems Australia, TOC3 Case Study – 9 days to train, install and schedule a years MRO work. First 6 aircraft delivered significantly ahead of schedule. Some as much as 43% shorter including unscheduled work.

Andrew Kay, TOC3, Australia Designer

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