Out of Necessity......

There has to be a better way. Project Management and Collaboration shouldn’t be so difficult to accomplish. With Exepron’s one click navigation, simple and efficient advanced Project Management and Global Collaboration is now a reality.

Critical Chain Project Management the Exepron Way


  • Immediate Global Collaboration
  • Informative real-time Dashboards
  • Advanced Critical Chain Methodology
  • Secure Project/Data Storage
  • Simple, yet Full Featured

Exepron Delivers the Comprehensive Solution

  • Project Planning
  • Resource Allocation
  • Project Scheduling
  • Multi-Project Execution
  • Multi-Portfolio Execution

The motivation to bring Exepron Project Management to reality can be summarized as follows: After more than 20 years of providing Management consulting support to many companies across all industry sectors, we saw a pattern of poor project management results. The question has always been, how quickly and effectively could they turn this around and become high performing companies? Until now, the time and effort required to change current behavior was constrained by lengthy project management training, coaching and costly software tools.


Cloud computing provides the answer. Cloud computing is a cost effective way to combine practical intuition into an easy to use application, delivered over the Internet, allowing virtual real-time global collaboration. The user friendly Exepron Project Management solution is the result of this thinking, combined with years of Project Management experience. We are convinced that users and companies will be able to reap significant benefits by following the easy to understand tutorials and wizards to Plan, Schedule then leverage the real power of Exepron. Executing a project on time, within budget and according to specification has never been this straightforward — just read our customer testimonials.


Avraham is a TOC pioneer with a special expertise in building implementation programs for advanced management systems based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), control systems and measurements, research & development strategy and operational strategy. He is certified by the TOCICO as a TOC Expert in all areas of TOC and is a former partner of Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and President of his R & D subsidiary. Avraham has 25 years of experience in Information Technology and participated in the development of OPT, the first manufacturing finite capacity scheduling system and led the development of the first DBR system.

We needed a new Project Management solution. 

A few years ago we realized we needed a new method to manage our own projects.

We decided to meet our own needs. 

If we were going to address our needs, we would have to create the Project Management solution ourselves.

The available Project Management tools just were not meeting our needs.

We required an advanced Critical Chain solution without the complexity and cost – the existing products on the market did not meet our requirements.

The 21st century Project Management Solution. 

Combining a powerful systems architecture and a simple user interface with embedded intelligence, Exepron delivers an advanced CCPM software solution capable of handling any size project.

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If your need is rapid improvement for a complex scheduling environment,  your projects experience high uncertainty,  and if late delivery has severe consequences,  then evaluate Exepron.


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