Charles River Laboratories CRL Maximizing Flow

In 2016 CRL was growing rapidly, IT Project delivery was unreliable, and it did not produce the required results.

With 90 laboratories to support around the globe, project on-time delivery was less than 60%.

IT Systems are required to support all processes, from Product Ideation, Prioritization, Business Cases, Planning, Full Kitting, WIP Management, Resourcing, Project Management, Scope, Quality and Budgets.


The CRL IT PMO function was swamped with work orders. The 60% on-time harmed customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and IT productivity.

IT Project Delivery had to change:

  • Reliably deliver and the flow of value on time, on budget, and on quality.
  • Building project delivery was required to be a core competency.

Enter Exepron to assist in achieving:

  • Prioritize and use templates for repeatable activity.
  • Manage change – train and communicate.


After Deploying Exepron

  • All Projects on-time
  • Better Project plans and Templates
  • Better Visibility to Manage Projects
  • Established an effective Process of ongoing improvement.


New Levels of Performance

86% on-time from 60%


Improving our project planning and execution highlighted other areas for improvement.

  • Pre-project – Governance, demand management, and full kit
  • Reporting Procedures.
  • Project Manager Skills.
  • Integrated Management custom Dashboards and the CRL Financial systems with Exepron.

Update on performance: a 2019 presentation reveals a 92% on-time delivery.



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