Lafayette, Louisiana – April 11, 2016: EXEPRON, the cloud-based Critical Chain Project Portfolio Management solution, today announced that it has been named a Cool Vendor based on the April 11, 2016 report titled, “Cool Vendors in Project Portfolio Management, 2016” by Analysts: Robert A. Handler, Teresa Jones and Matt Light at Gartner, Inc.

The report evaluates interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services driven by resource management in Project Portfolio Management which we believe enables companies to be more competitive regarding delivery performance and reliability.

Exepron is an advanced Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) solution on a modernized SaaS platform that addresses how to schedule bottleneck resources effectively across a portfolio. Exepron’s strengths include Early Warning, an advanced CCPM scheduling algorithm, Revenue, Cost and Resource tracking by project and portfolio, predictive resource loading, an advanced Risk Management component and Business Intelligence (BI) to meet the C-Suite requirements.


“It is a unique honor to be named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor,’” said Danny Walsh, co-founder and CEO of Exepron. “Predictive capability has been missing from a synchronized project portfolio application, we feel Exepron is hands down the best CCPM application to plan, schedule, execute and analyze a fast paced portfolio. Watching Exepron’s customers unlock the power of technology to improve business performance, deliver products and services more reliably and with shorter lead times is extremely rewarding. We believe these successes validate Exepron as a Change Management application to create a competitive advantage to transform their organization.”

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