Delivering projects on time in this highly competitive industry is essential.

Exepron® was developed to communicate with legacy and third party software solutions including your existing ERP. Exepron® provides a robust scheduling solution that will communicate with all of your databases. As a user-friendly; cloud based critical chain project management solution, Exepron® provides global collaboration and real time information sharing capabilities that are essential in this highly interdependent environment. Whether you are in the commercial or defense sector, your planning and scheduling responsiveness must be as agile as your customer’s continuously changing requirements.

Managing high levels of Uncertainty

Overhaul & Repair (O&R) or MRO is one of the most complex scheduling environments. In addition to planning and scheduling the known discrepancies, many unknown discrepancies will emerge as the products are processed throughout the MRO chain. The challenge in this industry is the high level of uncertainty found in each stage of the repair chain. Imagine having to disassemble, inspect, plan, repair and execute the reassembly of a helicopter within a limited time window. Unlike manufacturing, in MRO the work content is not only unknown at the start of the project, but can only be determined once the project is well underway. Dis-assembly and full inspection is required throughout the project life.


Exepron® is the ideal solution for fast moving, complex and uncertain MRO environments

It is therefore essential to have a very agile planning, scheduling and execution software solution. Exepron® has been designed for these complex environments. Planning must be easy, intuitive and have the capability to seamlessly build a template library. Exepron provides highly informative, easily accessible dashboards for risk management. When unknown requirements emerge, Users have the flexibility to add these to the schedule and assess the impact on the master schedule in real time.

Exepron Plans, Schedules and Executes all of the typical MRO activities for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

This typically involves:

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