PATIENT CENTERED SYSTEM OF CARE Patient Visibility, Predictive Provider and Resource Utilization Improve the Quality and Cost-Effectiveness of Healthcare
“Exepron provides a forward looking, collaborative care planning tool for resource planning and length of stay (LOS) management to optimize patient flow, nursing resources and bed availability”

Don Mueller, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, November 12, 2016

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)

Bed Constraint at Heart Center:       
Managing the Uncertainty and Variability of Post Surgery Critical Resources.  Monitored beds must always be available immediately after heart surgery.

Results: Rescheduled surgeries dropped from 27% to 6%. Cutting waste and improving efficiency.


Six Weeks in October-November 2014
Process analysis of CICU operations. 
Individual patient CICU stay plans mapped in Exepron.  
CICU flow Process improvement emerged. 
Individual Patient Schedule

Fewer Cardiac cases were rescheduled
6% rescheduled vs. YTD October 25%


Care Management with Exepron at a 64 bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Pilot Studies conclusion:  Reducing Wasteful Rescheduling and real-time Schedule visibility, drastically improves the daily logistics and decision making.

Assisting Hospitals and Clinics transition to Value-based Payment.

Forward visibility of Critical Resource Requirements has proven to cut waste and reduce the average stay (LOS)  by 10%.
This is achieved without compromise to Quality of Care or Patient Satisfaction.
Clinicians appreciate the reduction in frustrating rescheduling.

Exepron Health Patient Flow provides a critical forward view of Incubator availability.  Resulting in proactive management, preempting the demand for critical resource availability.

NICU morning huddle now has real-time, forward visibility of: Current Occupancy; Future Expected Demand; Available NICU Staffed Beds; Staff and Nurse Practitioner requirements.

Healthcare Implementation Projects - manage change with increased visibility in Exepron

Implementation of Electronic Medical Records – manage the transition,
systems integration and implementation of EMR / EHR in Exepron.
Medical Research and Development
Clinical Trials and Generic Drug Development
Software Implementation Projects
Process Improvement Projects
Capital Improvement Projects
Regulatory Readiness Projects
Standardization Projects
Integration of New Facilities Projects

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