ISCEA Workshops

  • Learn why projects are Late and Over Budget?
  • Learn how to construct a Portfolio of Projects.
  • Learn how to control a project portfolio using early detection dashboards.
  • Understand how to resolve Resource Contention and how to prioritize intervention.
  • Keep a Project on track from the start, delivering projects at a 95% on-time and within budget record.
  • Learn the answer to the question “Do we have enough time available to finish the Project.”
  • Comprehensive understanding of Critical Chain Project Management Principles.
  • Resource Loading and Budget Tracking.
  • Learn how to reconcile the project budget with the project schedule.
  • Understand the level of Risk associated within a project schedule: Both in Planning and Execution.
  • Learn how to use Risk Management indicator to mitigate the Risk in your projects.
  • Learn how to leverage your available Resources in order to maximize the Throughput of all projects in your portfolio.
  • Learn advanced network modeling techniques including Complex, Agile, SCRUM and Short Duration projects.
  • Best Practices: Planning, Scheduling and Executing a Multi Project Portfolio.
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Executive’s use of the Exepron software and Dashboards to track a Portfolio of Projects.
  • Synchronizing all projects in a portfolio of projects in order to maximize the throughput for the entire Organization.


Who should attend the IC3PM Workshop?

  • Everyone involved in Projects or Project Management - if you are sponsoring, planning, scheduling or executing a project or a portfolio of projects as a Program Manager or PMO, Project Manager, Key Resource or Team Leader - then this program is for you!
  • Stakeholders not satisfied with their current level of Project Management Performance.

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If your need is rapid improvement for a complex scheduling environment,  your projects experience high uncertainty,  and if late delivery has severe consequences,  then evaluate Exepron.


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