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Exepron Project Management Software with Predictive Intelligence

"Will the project finish on time?"

During execution, Exepron is forward looking and manages Task and Resource dependency. Traditional Project Management software records historic or past effort and does not provide the visibility to effectively manage current and remaining Task durations or Resource contention. This results in switching task priorities, instability and ever increasing chaos.


Exepron answers the questions Project Managers are asking.....

Is the Project PERT Plan Valid?

Exepron’s AI-driven Project Compiler meticulously scans your PERT network to detect and rectify common errors, providing robust validation. Exepron ensures that tasks or projects cannot commence without the necessary dependencies, eliminates duplicate Task Names and Numbers, resolves circular dependency logic, and optimizes resource assignments.

Exepron’s Project Compiler effectively mitigates resource contention during the planning stage, allowing for the creation of the most efficient Project Schedule based on resource availability and allocation.

Exepron’s advanced intelligence identifies critical conversion points and strategically incorporates Tactical Time Buffers to safeguard against the accumulation of delays exceeding a predefined safety threshold. This proactive approach helps protect your project’s timeline and provides early warnings for potential delays.

Furthermore, Exepron offers additional protection for the final due date by including an appropriate Project Buffer, protecting your project and assisting visibility to remain within schedule, even when unexpected challenges occur.

Crafting feasible and executable project plans enables the automated scheduling of realistic project start dates, taking into account resource availability and allocation across both ongoing and pending projects in the portfolio.Automated realistic project start date scheduling based on resource availability and resource loading across the started and pipeline project portfolios.

When should a project Start?

With Exepron’s Dynamic Drum, streamline your project scheduling and maximize efficiency. This innovative feature recommends a start date for each project in your Pipeline and synchronizes the release of all Projects. By doing so, it ensures the optimal throughput for your entire Portfolio of Projects within your organization.

Experience the power of Exepron’s unique Dynamic Drum, capable of synchronizing up to 1000 projects that share a common pool of Resources. This groundbreaking feature enables the release of a continuous “Pipeline” of new work while accounting for ongoing “Started” projects. The result? A feasible and executable Schedule that empowers your Portfolio of Projects to thrive.

Which projects need attention?

With Exepron AI, gain a holistic perspective of your Project Portfolio through the Project Portfolio Dashboard.

This robust tool consolidates the status of your projects into a single, easily accessible view, ensuring you stay informed at a glance. Utilizing a color-coded system, it spotlights critical areas—red denotes tasks necessitating immediate attention, yellow signals cautionary points, and green highlights projects progressing as intended. Maintain control and efficiently oversee your portfolio with this intuitive and visually rich representation of your project statuses.

Will this project finish on time?

Experience unparalleled real-time visibility with Exepron, ensuring you have clear insights into whether your project is on track to meet its Due Date. Our powerful software identifies areas of concern and provides precise guidance on where immediate action must be taken. Stay proactive and make informed decisions to keep your projects running smoothly and ensure timely delivery.


Which Tasks require immediate attention?

Gain valuable insights into your project’s performance through the Project Dashboard Warning Flags and the TaskTable. Do you need to address issues promptly? This user-friendly tool offers a concise and up-to-the-minute overview of all your projects, making proactive management less stressful and highly productive by providing early warnings. Easily spot critical issues with our color-coded system: Green indicates the project is on track, Red serves as an early warning for necessary intervention, and Black signifies tasks demanding immediate attention, which can impact both time and budget. Stay well-informed and make informed decisions with this at-a-glance view of your projects.

Work In Progress WIP Chart

The WIP is a Leading Indicator of Performance. WIP increases immediately there is a delay. Management should respond and investigate as WIP exceeds the planned level.

Are Resources correctly allocated to Tasks?

Discover the game-changing resource management capabilities of Exepron. With intuitive Resource Charts, Tables, and Reports, you’ll effortlessly organize and analyze your resources. Gain valuable insights to allocate resources across your Project Portfolio strategically. Exepron doesn’t just manage resources; it guides investment and growth, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, precise resource allocation is crucial for success. Exepron empowers you to make data-driven decisions, reduce waste, and drive growth. Optimize resource allocation with Exepron and elevate your project management to deliver over 90% on time and budget.

Resource Loading now and in the future?

Experience the game-changing capabilities of the Dynamic Drum feature, delivering advanced Predictive Resource Loading Management for both individual Projects and your entire Portfolio. Unlock the power of ‘What-If’ analysis and explore emerging Resource limitations. Identify strategic opportunities to invest in additional Resources based on projected work content. Discover untapped Market and Product potentials by optimizing underloaded capacities.

How to delegate work and Activities?

Exepron advanced Activity Management system where Tasks contain an intelligent lists of Activities, ensuring an organized and efficient workflow to manage the necessary elements to complete each Task. 

Users can easily track and manage Activities using intuitive interface, of user-friendly Kanban-style Status and Assignment boards. 

Delegation by of Activity Cards, users can conveniently slide and assign or update work status.



Decision Makers require performance, compliance, and predictive operational metrics.
Business Intelligence Support System (BIDSS) provides these key metrics.

Financial performance including project and portfolio ROI, revenue, cost tracking, and resource requirement planning. Project scheduling risk among other critical performance indicators.

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