Global Collaboration

Project Teams can collaborate with colleagues in real-time to Plan, Schedule and Execute projects from various global locations.

Project Management Global Collaboration


Exepron translates into multiple languages, including Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.


Exepron’s unique collaborative capability facilitates the training and coaching of Project Teams in remote locations.


Exepron Video Tutorials and Reference Guide will guide your team thereby significantly reducing the learning curve.


Exepron allows an unlimited number of users at no additional cost. Teams now have the ability to collaborate globally with unrestricted, secure access.


All Maintenance Upgrades are included in the monthly or annual subscription fee. Reap the benefits of not paying annual Maintenance fees or User fees.


Exepron’s cloud-based Advanced platform, embedded intelligence and powerful functionality are yours, with no additional IT costs or IT department required. Leave the major IT costs to Exepron.

Teams collaborate through entire Project Lifecycle

Project Teams collaborate worldwide to Plan, Schedule, Execute and Manage projects with Exepron’s real-time project management software!

If your team is spread out and needs to access the software from anywhere, Exepron has the solution. Use the Exepron Project Management software to manage projects on the go. Exepron’s software is a streamlined global project management tool capable of the following tasks: assigning project managers, allocating the number of resource types available in a resource pool, building or reviewing project networks, assigning resources to tasks and jointly determining task durations. In addition, Exepron gives you the option to re-plan a project if required to determine an acceptable due date. And if some project managers are non-English speaking, Exepron’s software translates well into most languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Polish, to name a few.

Schedule a Project

Teams can access the software from anywhere globally, even remote locations with internet access. Collaborate together on a schedule and keep all facets of the project moving forward. A snapshot of Exepron’s project management software for scheduling includes the ability to: review a project waiting in “pipeline,” determine the start date of a project, change the priority of a project in the dynamic drum and select the drum resource. You can also review the resource loading, and include projects listed in the pipeline when reviewing overall charts.

Execute a Project

Access the software from anywhere, and manage projects on the go including in remote locations. Exepron’s project management software has a solution for collaborating with project managers in various areas. Execute the project as a global team and review all projects in the Executive Portfolio Dashboard, review the performance of a specific project in the Project Dashboard, collaborate on updating tasks, add Notes, Links and Lists to a Task, re-plan and assign additional resources to selected tasks in order to expedite a project, review current and future resource loading requirements, and re-plan a project using the “what-if?” function (only under certain conditions e.g. scope change or significant delays).

Manage Risk during the Execution Phase of a project

Teams will know where to focus and where action must be taken in order to get the project back on track. Or just as importantly, when no additional action is required if the project is within the previously established control limits. With Exepron’s project risk management software, it tracks and monitors the amount of time required to finish all of the tasks and compares this to the amount of time as originally scheduled, providing a trend line and a “Time Risk” assessment.

On time, within budget and to specification

Visit our industry pages to see how this functionality applies to software development, construction projects, and shipyards.

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