Key Features

Exepron Project Management Software with Predictive Intelligence

"Will the project finish on time?"

During execution, Exepron is forward looking and manages Task and Resource dependency. Traditional Project Management software records historic or past effort and does not provide the visibility to effectively manage current and remaining Task durations or Resource contention. This results in switching task priorities, instability and ever increasing chaos.


Exepron answers the questions Project Managers are asking.....

When should a project Start?

Exepron’s Dynamic Drum provides a recommended start date for each project in Pipeline and synchronizes the release of all Projects. This will schedule the maximum throughput for the entire Portfolio of Projects in the organization.

Exepron’s unique Dynamic Drum Synchronizes up to 1000 projects sharing a common pool of Resources. This feature releases a ‘Pipeline’ of new work around the existing ‘Started’ projects. The result is a feasible and executable Schedule for a Portfolio of Projects.

Which project needs attention?

The Project Portfolio Dashboard provides an overview displaying the status of all Projects in the Portfolio. Red requires immediate attention, yellow means caution, green means tracking as planned.

Will this project finish on time?

Real-time visibility on whether there is enough time left to meet the project Due Date. Exepron will pinpoint areas of concern and identify precisely where action must be taken.

Which Tasks require immediate attention?

Project Dashboard Table provides an overview and displays the status of all Projects in the Portfolio. Red requires immediate attention, yellow means caution, green means tracking as planned.

Project Risk Quotient

The PRQ is a forward-looking relative risk index, useful for assessing the schedule and execution risk of an individual project and the schedule risk comparison between all projects in a portfolio. The PRQ answers two Critical Questions:

Which Resources should be allocated to Tasks?

Sort and view the Resource Managers Report to understand where to focus and allocate Resources across the Portfolio of Projects.

What is the Resource Loading now and in the future?

Predictive Resource Loading charts display current and future Resource loading per Resource Type by Project and Portfolio. Click to include the Resource Loading for Projects waiting in Pipeline.


Decision Makers require performance, compliance, and predictive operational metrics.
Business Intelligence Support System (BIDSS) provides these key metrics.

Financial performance including project and portfolio ROI, revenue, cost tracking, and resource requirement planning. Project scheduling risk among other critical performance indicators.

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