Risk Management

Exepron® will pinpoint areas of concern and identify precisely where action must be taken,
while there is still sufficient time to recover and meet commitments.


Asses the Risk of a
Portfolio of Projects

When managing your portfolio of projects, the team must have quantitative information on how much risk is being assumed prior to accepting a new project. According to the Standish Group: 75% of all projects are late and 39% of all projects that have a budget of at least $10 million fail completely. In addition, as the risk changes during execution, the project risk management information is crucial in evaluating the health and performance of your projects. Exepron’s informational dashboards provide real-time visibility to assess the project risk management.

Manage Risk during the
Planning Phase of a project

During planning, points of higher risk must be identified and adequate protection inserted to safeguard against the impact of variability during execution. Exepron’s embedded intelligence strategically inserts buffers as protection during scheduling. The user will be able to evaluate if the protection provided by the buffers and the schedule generated by Exepron is at an acceptable level of risk. This project risk assessment will determine whether the schedule is both feasible and executable.

Manage Risk during the
Execution Phase of a project

Exepron’s early warning feature and project dashboard provides your project portfolio managers with the necessary information to recover from emerging delays while there is sufficient time remaining to meet your commitments. Teams will know where to focus and where action must be taken in order to get the project back on track. Or just as importantly, when no additional action is required if the project is within the previously established control limits. With Exepron’s project risk management software, it tracks and monitors the amount of time required to finish all of the tasks and compares this to the amount of time as originally scheduled, providing a trend line and a “Time Risk” assessment.

On time, within budget and to specification

The Exepron® unique dashboards will assist in ensuring your project is delivered on time, within budget and to specification. Visit our industry pages to see how this functionality applies to software development, construction projects, and shipyards.

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