What is PALS?

Project Advanced Learning System

Effective Learning Application for
Project and Portfolio Management

Train your team in less than a day!

Select Your Objective


Compress the required training time to focus on culture and procedure change for greater PM and PPM Results. 

Train a Team

Become the leader and mentor able to guide Teams to deliver sustainable and superior company-wide PM and PPM results.

Obtain Certification

Advance your professional career. Be the go-to person able to effectively guide and deliver PM and PPM results.

Benefits of PALS

Workplace with digital tablet

Bring your Project Portfolio Management from an analog world into the age of Digital Intelligence

Businessman analyzing investment charts on the office desk.

Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward your PMI Certification

Transition your Team into the Intelligent Exepron Project Portfolio Management Solution

Case Studies


Danfoss achieved a 91% on-time delivery with only a single customer complaint during 2015/16 to-date.

Update: 2018 Exepron schedules 9 Danfoss NPD Operations in India, China,  Mexico, Poland, Denmark with over 92% delivery performance.

Hitachi Data Systems

A single PMO synchronizes the installation across 14 to 18 cities from a single remote location.

Resulting in a 54% reduction in installation time and a steady predictable work flow matched to the available resources.

NeoGrid: IT Systems Integration

Exepron applied to Data Systems and S/W Integration.

Results:  25% recovery of lost Time and Material Costs.

BAE Systems

First 20 Aircraft for 2015, all 100% on time in full. A RECORD!!!

Some up to 43% less time, including any un-scheduled work.

Update 2018: 4 years of 100% on-time delivery.

What is Exepron?

Collaborative Business Solution - Coordinating the World’s most Valuable Projects.

Exepron is the Advanced Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) solution built on a SaaS platform for effectively scheduling resources across a portfolio of complex projects.

Our Approach


Developed to rapidly equip companies and teams with sufficient Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) knowledge to achieve exceptional project performance with the least disruption and cost.

After less than a day of theory, a team is equiped to plan, schedule and execute multiple projects within days.

The Exepron Story

After more than 20 years of providing Management consulting support to many companies across all industry sectors, the founders saw a pattern of poor project management results. The question has always been, how quickly and effectively could they turn this around to become high performing companies? Until now, the time and effort required to change current behavior was constrained by lengthy project management training, coaching and costly software tools.

Exepron was born as a cost effective, easy to use application, delivered over the Internet, making virtual real-time global collaboration possible. We knew a user friendly Project Management solution could capture years of Project Management experience. As hoped, we now see companies reap significant benefits by following the easy to understand tutorials and wizards to Plan, Schedule and Execute under the real power of a full CCPM solution.

Meet the Team

Executing projects on time, within budget and according to specification is our passion.

Knowing that we are assisting businesses reduce employee stress while enabling profitable growth with tools and a platform to make this a reality is very rewarding. Our client testimonials keep us passionately supporting and enhancing Exepron’s capability.

Danny P. Walsh

Founder & CEO

Danny has over 30 years of business experience in the pharmaceutical, construction, engineering; software, manufacturing, aerospace & defense industries.

He is a sought after lecturer, coach, strategic thinker and is a trusted advisor to many senior corporate executives.

Certified Associate of the late Dr. Eli Goldratt and  a founding member and former Chairman of the TOCICO, the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization.

John L. Thompson

Founder & COO

John has over 30 years of business experience in the Aerospace, Electronic Trading, Collision Repair, Transpiration Logistics, Forest Technology, Retail Distribution, Medical Instrumentation, Composite Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Heavy Steel Fabrication Industries.

Certified Associate of the late Dr. Eli Goldratt and a founding member and former Chairman of the TOCICO, the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization

Update Your
Project Management Methods

PALS teaches a better way of managing your project portfolio.

Correction and intervention

The traditional PM methods consider projects as static, point-to-point structures. This approach lacks dynamic intelligence and has lots of missing information. During execution, these methods don’t show When and Where to focus resource efforts for course correction and timely intervention.

increase in delivery

Your business should be running on a newer and better Digital age GPS system.

Exepron’s PALS teaches you how to navigate a project portfolio, not only getting you from point A to point B, but also getting you there by the most efficient route, having stopped to grab a coffee and fill up your tank with time to spare!!

60 years of experience

PALS is the introduction to CCPM as a rapid teaching application.

Exepron’s PALS will teach you how to manage your time and resources for a large portfolio of projects using CCPM principles.

Earn PDUs Toward Your PMI Certification

If you’re certified with the Project Management Institute, you will need to collect Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Exepron’s PALS will help you get them!

You can earn over 50% of your required PDUs with Exepron’s PALS and ISCEA’s IC3PM workshop!

When paired, not only do you learn the CCPM system, but the learning system and the workshop earn you 36 Continuing Education PDUs.

Female coach showing project management studies over glass wall

You can earn over half of your required PDUs in one weekend!

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