What is Agile Project Management?

Exepron was designed to help businesses complete projects in a more timely, efficient, and organized manner. For complex projects, you need a project management plan with flexibility. More and more, companies recognize that traditional project management strategies – those which designate a linear progression to project completion – simply don’t cut it. That’s because there are too many variables that can derail a project from its original course, and traditional project plans don’t allow for adaptation. Instead, Exepron implements practices from critical chain project management and agile project management to create software that can roll with the punches and get important projects done right.

If you’ve visited our site before, you’re probably already aware of our dynamic yet easy-to-use critical chain project management software (CCPM). Today, we’re focusing on our software’s use of agile project management, which shares some concepts and theories with CCPM. Agile project management software is primarily used in the software development process. If you work in software development, you know that projects can rapidly evolve due to the complex nature of the industry. This is why using agile project management tools can help software businesses complete projects in a matter of weeks rather than a matter of months.

There are many factors that complicate large projects: lack of overhead, poor client relations, impossible goals, etc. The key to agile project management is that tasks are completed in iterations and submitted for approval incrementally. This helps companies avoid presenting a completed project that requires hundreds of corrections after completion. With the agile method, documentation becomes less complex, and collaboration between teams is thrust to the forefront. It’s innovative, but it’s also a matter of common sense and simplicity. For much more information on the origins of Agile Software Development, visit agilemanifesto.org.

With Exepron’s project management software, businesses can implement agile project management techniques, including scrum. Scrum is the practice of using interactive teams to get a project completed rather than a rigid task schedule. With these methods, we provide the software tools and training necessary to help your company complete a project like never before. From budgeting to portfolio management to project and documentation templates, we have everything you need to start implementing agile project management and scrum strategies today. Our secret is our easy-to-use interface that is simple to learn and execute. We also have a number of training resources to help you get started.

Agile project management is a new way to think about completing a project. To read what our satisfied customers are saying, head on over to our testimonials page. If you’d like to learn more about our software and how it could help your business, take a look around our site or contact us today!

What is Agile Project Management?

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