DANFOSS Achieves 91% On-Time Delivery

Danfoss: New Product Development

Danfoss achieves 91% On-Time delivery performance.
Danfoss, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Controls Division, a global supplier to over 100 countries achieved a significant turnaround by applying the Exepron Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution.

Plagued by typical PPM poor performance: Scope management problems, unrealistic timelines, lack of meaningful communication, wasteful multi-tasking, no visibility of project status, no early warning on priorities. Resulting in significantly late and unreliable delivery – Customer satisfactions was at an all-time low.

Results in a Nutshell:
Deploying the full Exepron PPM solution changed everything. See the Guided Innovation an Exepron implementation partner case study video and learn how Danfoss achieved a 91% on-time delivery with only a single customer complaint during 2015/16 to-date.

Danfoss now has: Clear status on all priorities, Clear Resource Requirement Planning, and more importantly, near perfect Customer Satisfaction.

Next Steps:  
Stakeholders internal and external to Danfoss Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Controls division continue to trust Exepron’s capability of transforming Company performance into world class.

DANFOSS Achieves 91% On-Time Delivery

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