Helion Case Study: 40% Increase in IT Integration Throughput

Helion case study: 40% Increase in IT integration Throughput in 4 months.

What I learned from 40+ years Managing Projects

Well known TOC author Gerry Kendall, provides the “How to” description when implementing the Exepron PPM Solution.
Gerry describes how the “risk of implementing CCPM with Exepron can be mitigated to the point that it is almost zero”.

Helion Before Exepron:
– 0% of projects finished on time. No formal measurements existed.
– Projects managed from task lists, not networks.
– Many surprises on project status, lateness.
– About 40 projects completed during the entire 2015.

Helion After Exepron:

– 97% of projects finished on time. Measured formally.
– 34 projects completed in 4 months (a 40% increase over 2015)
– No surprises on project status, lateness.
– Clients are kept up to date on status.
– Able to provide better start date estimates to Sales.
– Better understanding of resource load and task management.
– Projects are phased to avoid long gaps of inactivity.

Next steps:
Engage more of the Helion staff in participating and increase training.

“Thanks for what I believe has been a great growth and learning experience for the Project Team at Helion. Your commitment to our successful implementation is inspiring. Knowing the team, I am sure that they have all thanked you for bringing this new way of operating to us. However, let me thank you as well on behalf of all of us – you have most certainly exceeded our expectations.”

Erik Nachbar, President, Helion Technologies February 2016

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