Hitachi Data Systems: IT Integration 54% Improvement

“Exepron helps Hitachi Data Systems reduce remote site installation time by 54%.”


Avrio, an IT Company purchased by Hitachi Data Systems: Task Management on spreadsheets scheduled all installations. This method guiding installations and resource allocation. Disjointed and missed synchronization induce chaos and constant priority switching after every update. Constant schedule upheaval, Wasted Resource Capacity meant projects were not being delivered on-time and at high cost.

Exepron Synchronizes, Integration, Resources and Equipment installation across multiple sites:

Basic CCPM training was applied along with Exepron Application to Plan, Schedule, Execute and Analyze installation project performance.


A single PMO synchronizes the across 14 to 18 cities from a remote location.

The result is a 54% reduction in installation time and a steady predictable work flow matched to the available resources.

Ongoing PMO: Network Building for skill / experience, Coaching to establish the PMO and establish common processes, disciplines and PMO infrastructure by leveraging Exepron’s Scheduling Application.

Next Steps:

Hitachi is now preparing to roll this success globally thru-out Hitachi Data Systems public safety installation..

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