NeoGrid: Exepron Applied to Data Systems and S/W Integration

Results:   ….25% recovery of lost Time and Material Costs.

A Brazilian multinational and domestic market leader in supply chain management solutions. NeoGrid’s solutions synchronize the supply chain of thousands of companies in an exclusive, comprehensive platform, bringing about stock-out and stock level reductions.

NeoGrid daily retail transaction processing exceeds that of Wal-Mart , a European Customer along with 24 other large brands including: Marks and Spence, Adidas, Nike, Arnault etc.

Challenge: Coordinating an Information System from Point of Sale, thru Retail Stores, Warehousing and Distributors for up to independent four companies IT departments. Collaborative communication across multiple Company IT departments proved exceedingly difficult.  Independent departments have their own priorities and operating method. Bringing the visibility to coordinate efforts proved difficult.

The lost opportunity cost due to miscommunication and delays was wasteful and expensive.

After applying Exepron:

All IT Department have complete visibility in real-time. The impact on the project schedule due to delay of activities is clear to all parties. The active Buffer Management guides the priorities and highlights points of delay.

The Results:   ….25% recovery of lost Time and Material Costs.

Greater assertiveness in setting timing of activities (Schedule Planning)  – Original Baseline project retention improved 30% of the time.

Better renegotiation of terms, scope changes…25% recovery of lost Time and Material Costs.

Easier status report and communication to all IT Departments management on progress. “Neogrid project managers can now more easily report on the project delays and communicate it in real-time to the management of various departments. This also helps account managers advise customers more quickly around delays and better set and manage expectations.”

Significant improvement in setting and managing Customer expectations.

Next STeps:

NeoGrid continues to roll-out Exepron throughout the Company to manage internal and external implementation initiatives

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