Thoma-Sea Marine exclusively uses Exepron to schedule
Exepron Schedules Ship Building

Thoma-Sea 25 year old family owned ship yards. Expanded from Tugs to building complex Platform Service Vessels PSV’s. Adding new management and new business practices resulted in PSV’s 8 to 12 months late delivery.

Two shipyards with shared Resources and partial construction of the same vessel. Undefined Build Schedule, missed Engineering drawing coordination, building against poor prioritization, bulk purchase rather than scheduled priority procurement. Plus many more chaos inducing activities.

Building PSV’s and Fishing vessels to building PSV’s required upgrading Processes. Missing systematic deliberate processes and without a common Project Method, or PM language across two shipyards, building portions of the same vessel was uncoordinated.

Exepron Method:
One Day: *PALS Project Advanced Learning System: transferring JIT essential CCPM knowledge.
30 days: Transferring Network Building skill experience.
4 months: on-site Coaching to install a PMO with common processes, disciplines, establish PMO infrastructure.


First PSV delivered 45 days past Due Date on a very tight 18 month schedule. The Second PSV was delivered on-time on a very tight schedule. The Customer remarks, an owner of 160 PSV’s: These are the first PSV’s delivered on-time-in 45 years. Thoma-Sea recently awarded another two vessel contract based on this performance.

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