TOC Sprendimai, Lithuania. Construction on-time Delivery.

During Construction:
Exepron complements BIM by focusing on critical Tasks.
Using BIM reduces amount of rework and technicall mistakes in construction projects.
Exepron CCPM helps to focus weekly planning on critical tasks and ensuring full kits.
Exepron CCPM helps to focus LEAN improvement efforts.
Exepron rescued and restored order for a chaotic construction high-rise Project.

The story:
Building Information Modeling and Exepron – Lithuania
Rescue of a 27 story office building contract. Exepron brought the schedule back onto the contractual timeline. The primary Contractor was about to be removed from the site, due to construction delays Contractor was about to lose the contract.
Exepron and the LEAN Construction team in Lithuania, recreated the Construction schedule, rebuilding the project network from right to left (Starting with the end in mind).
This action reestablished the correct Task priorities. During execution, Exepron maintained the correct Task priority, halting the project slitting into chaos. The Contractor remained focused on the new Exepron priority list and the building project came back under control (a month early) according to the schedule.

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